The Plan:

Join Master Certified Coach Gretchen Hydo for a 6-month virtual mastermind experience that will take you step by step through the strategies you need to build a six-figure coaching practice.

  • Full-Day Kickoff Session: The Stairway to Six Figures!

    Start your six-figure journey with an energizing all-day Saturday session that will lay the groundwork for the next 6 months. Walk out of day 1 with a powerful pitch, a client outreach strategy, develop a plan for never running out of prospects, and more.

  • Module 1 Fearless Coaching: Building Your Practice With Confidence.

    Create a powerful vision for your coaching practice, master the enrollment basics, and overcome your fear of objections as part of your powerful business building plan. This business is about being bold!

  • Module 2 Client Connections: Where to Find Them and How to Keep Them.

    Translate your vision into total clarity on your ideal clients, learn how to create client conversations, and dive into key tools for running your business.

  • Module 3 From Consultation to Close: Selling Your Coaching Effectively.

    Learn the secrets to effective sales and “the art of the close,” overcome your selling fears, and develop your business processes around your sales strategy.

  • Module 4 Show Me the Money! Money-Making Strategies and Mindset.

    Uncover your thoughts about money and learn how your money stories affect your client relationships, set financial goals for your business, and overcome your clients’ money objections. How we do money, is how we do everything!

  • Module 5 Get with the Program: Packaging Your Services.

    Connect with what your ideal clients want and need, design your programs for optimal results, learn how to command your fee with confidence, and create a plan for launching your next offer.

  • Module 6 Taking it to the Streets: Positioning Yourself and Planning Your Next 6 Months.

    Learn how to position yourself as an expert through writing, speaking, and teaching; uncover the stories that will attract your ideal clients, and start creating your vision for the next 6 months of your business.

  • Full-Day Closeout Session

    Use the building blocks of the last 6 months to launch into the next phase of your six-figure coaching business in this intensive final session.

  • Every live session includes:

    Structured teaching on key enrollment concepts and business strategies, Small-group breakout activities to put your new skills into practice, Spot coaching and Q&A, as well as a 20- to 25-minute Hotseat Coaching session, and Assignments/accountability with your peer coaches and accountability partners.

Apply for 2022!

The 2021 6-month mastermind is already underway. If you are interested in the 2022 cohort, apply below.